The Baggeraats Collectief was initiated in 2020 by Luc Geraats and Jos Baggermans.
 Both Luc and Jos share a profound interest in contemporary music and collaborations. They started their musical co-existence at the conservatoire of Zwolle. Jos wrote a monologue for Tuba that premiered at the conservatoire of Amsterdam in 2019, and hence the duo was formed. 

It is their goal to combine classical music with a love for arranging and composing music in non conventional ways.
 For their first project they combine the “World of Filters” of todays social media platforms with the “lost” serenity of being good in the pure core of art, without any alterations and make believe adjustments. They will be playing the music of J.S. Bach with electronically derived alterations. 

Tuba player Luc Geraats (1992) finished his bachelor of music at the ArtEZ conservatoire in Zwolle in 2016. In 2019 Luc finished a Master of Music Cum Laude (with distinction) at the conservatoire of Amsterdam. 

He was a finalist during the European Solist Competition held by EBBA 2018 and the Cadenza Soloist Competition 2020.
Luc has a profound interest in contemporary music, ensembles and collaborations. His goal is to commission new repertoire for solo tuba. 

His debut album “Tuba Vocalis” will release in 2021. 

Saxophone player Jos Baggermans (1995) finished his bachelor of music at the ArtEZ conservatoire Zwolle in 2019. He enrolled in a master of music study at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. Jos is a prize winner of the Grachtenfestival Conservatorium Concours 2018. 

He both arranges and composes music for Saxophone, Tuba and other.